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Pixel Racing

Classic-style javascript racing game


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Wordpress Plugin

Your javascript racing game for Wordpress

The work started, the first version shall output our racing game into Wordpress website, as simple as being a plugin. The WP version of this racing game includes mobile touch controls, automatic screensize detection, sound effects, we continue with the sound fx compatibility with cordova for you to get a ready app on top along with the online game.

Pixel Racing Fork

Find herein the links to sources and tuts

The best racing game tutorial here: Lou's Pseudo 3D,

This game project is a fork of: Pixel Racing CC

Other Features:

Mobile Touch Controls
Automatic Screensize Detection

Pixelartists wanted

We constantly look for pixel artists to make the sprites of cars and road objects, as some images are outdated and some are inherited form the previous projects. If you feel you can make it for us, please request to: @captcook